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Operating in Kent, we aim to give the best service possible in home solar installations. Our team of expert consultants and estimators take you through the process of finding your best possible home solar solution that meets your energy consumption needs. 

As solar technology reaches the height of its technology, we work with multiple manufacturers to source the best quality of products that fits within your price bracket, and helps you to combat against the energy price cap rise. 

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2 min read

Should I Export Solar to the Grid?

A common question that comes up during customer meeting is "what about exporting to the grid?" Whether you're thinking about this in order to reduce pay back times, or you don't want energy to go to waste, you have to ask...

1 min read

UK Government Announce 0% VAT On Home Solar For The Next 5 Years!

During the Spring statement of 2022, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed the long-awaited announcement that VAT will be reduced to 0% on home solar materials; in effect from the 1st April 2022 to the 31st March 2027.


2 min read

How Long Do Solar Panels Really Last For?

If you're looking for the life expectancy of solar panels, I'm probably right in assuming you just want a straight answer? To make the sales process quicker, most solar panel installers will give you this, and you can expect to...